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Chat with your favourite LLaMA models

LlamaChat allows you to chat with LLaMa, Alpaca and GPT4All models1 all running locally on your Mac.

  • Alpaca
  • GPT4All
  • Vicuna Coming soon
  • LLaMA
  • Others

Alpaca is Stanford’s 7B-parameter LLaMA model fine-tuned on 52K instruction-following demonstrations generated from OpenAI’s text-davinci-003.

Fine-tuning the LLaMA model with these instructions allows for a chatbot-like experience, compared to the original LLaMA model.

GitHub | Paper

Convert models with ease

LlamaChat can import raw published PyTorch model checkpoints directly, or your pre-converted .ggml model files.

Fully open-source

LlamaChat is powered by open-source libraries including llama.cpp and llama.swift.

LlamaChat is 100% free and fully open-source, and always will be.

Download for Mac


$ brew install --cask llamachat

v1.2.0 | Built for Intel processors and Apple Silicon | Requires macOS 13